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Internet services are not all equal. With so many processes online, it is important to ensure that your company is getting the best service at an affordable cost. Strata Pointe’s engineer are able to work with you to combine multiple connections giving you a stronger, redundant connection while saving you money.


Strata Pointe offers two internet services to enhance your connection: The BandFlex and BandWatch. 



Reliable, scalable internet connections – right out of the box. Our BandFlex technology operates on a proactive strategy, allowing you to prepare for an interruption in your internet connection. By utilizing the power of commercial grade 4G LTE the Bandflex can provide scalable internet access anywhere it is needed. Coming in three models the Bandflex serves perfectly as a failover or a temporary connection when other lines aren’t available.


To learn more about our BandFlex view our informational diagram and the different models to fit your business.



Our BandWatch proprietary solution can help your business maximize internet connection quality through proactive monitoring. After instillation our engineers monitor the quality of your connections to ensure the best experience for your end users. 


Once installed your connection will be monitored in a three-step process, saving you time and frustration:  


  1. Our experts monitor established usage threshold.
  2. If a connection is slowed an offsite alerting system notifies our dedicated team while providing them the information to fix the issue.
  3. We open a ticket with the internet service provider to get your connection working as quickly as possible.


To learn more about all the unique features and power inside the box view our informational packet here.


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