Disaster Recovery as a Service

Where it is impossible to prevent a disaster such as an ice storm or serious outage, you can take proactive measures to ensure that your organization is best prepared if something does occur.  Strata Pointe offers an insurances policy that you can see.


When considering what would happen if a disaster occurred there are two things to consider RTO and RPO. When partnering with Strata Pointe our engineers will work with you to lower both of these as much as possible by creating a secondary site. This site will not only serve as a redundant backup to your main infrastructure in the case of a short shutdown but can serve as a hot site for your most vital processes in the case of a major disaster.


Secondary Data Center

Strata Pointe takes disaster recovery planning to the next level. We have invested heavily into our data center infrastructure so you don’t have too. For a monthly fee you get a rack space, with the right amount of bandwidth and power you need to run your business in case of an emergency or disaster.


The difference between Strata Pointe Secondary Data Center and “The Cloud” is that you know exactly where your data is located; locally. A dedicated network engineer will assist you with any changes necessary to improve your disaster recovery plan. 


Warm/Hot Site

Warm sites were traditionally reserved for larger companies that could afford to build and maintain a secondary location in the event of a disaster. Now with Strata Pointes DRaaS you can get access to a warm site at a much more affordable cost. This includes a local location to securely backup your data, a dedicated privacy desk to allow you to bring in employees who are critical to continue business processes during a disaster. We are very flexible in its ability to escalate your warm site into a Hot site.


Strata Pointe’s Hot site is a more comprehensive proactive approach to DRaaS, this will include everything available in a warm site plus, a dedicated telephone and any other necessary equipment to continue operations allowing you to get back to business immediately after a disaster.


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